Where are you based?

I have a vocal studio in Thames Ditton (KT7) on the London – Surrey border but also teach from a fully equipped location on Edgware Road, London.

In addition I teach through the medium of Skype or Facetime for clients who live abroad or outside of London or those who simply want to cut out travel time.

Do Skype or Facetime lessons really work?
Yes! 🙂 I have several satisfied clients and can give you a reference if you like. All you need is a good internet connection and 2 internet devices, like a telephone and a laptop or a tablet and a telephone, etc.
If I start singing lessons will the sound of my voice change?
Unlocking the full potential of a voice is all about how you produce sound (mechanics) and not about what you sound like (vocal colour/sound). A good vocal coach will help you achieve your goals or eliminate root causes of any vocal issues without changing the unique, individual sound of your voice.
What genre or style of music you specialize in?
I specialize in voice and am not restricted to one particular style. My clients come from various musical backgrounds and their goals are equally as diverse e.g. gaining more vocal control, extending range, greater vocal expression, etc. My extensive experience and knowledge of the singing voice allows me to help all of these clients.
Do you teach a specific method of contemporary vocal technique?

Every voice and every client is different. An approach or technique that works very well for one individual might not work so well for another. I’ve studied many different contemporary vocal methods and draw on all of this knowledge to achieve the desired result for my clients. .

How do I know if I’m with the right vocal coach?

After each session, whether the first or the thirty-first, you should have the feeling that you have learnt understood or achieved something new.

Learning how to sing and maintaining a healthy singing voice is not a woolly or vague science. Your vocal coach should be able to clearly explain and demonstrate how to achieve your goals.

I keep losing my voice during or after a gig. What should I do?

You should find a vocal coach and get some help! Now! If you lose your voice it means you are abusing it in some way. Most likely you are lacking some vital vocal technique that, when put into place, will enable you to sing comfortably and problem free. Whether that be death metal or jazz or anything in between.

Is singing rock / powerfully / with a rasp / breathy bad for your voice?

No, you can learn how to do all of those things. They are not bad for your voice at all, provided you produce these sounds in a healthy and correct way.

Is classical technique the only proven technique to work?

No. Classical singing lessons are great: you are exercising your instrument, building muscle strength and agility. However, you’ll be lacking some crucial skills when it comes to producing a contemporary sound.

Classical singing lessons are good for your voice in general but will not help you achieve your end goal if your end goal is singing any style of contemporary music.

Progressing as a singer – like any kind of learning – takes a great deal of personal commitment and practice, but can be accelerated greatly with the guidance of a good teacher. I have had the privilege of working alongside some of the top vocal coaches in the UK, and Susan definitely belongs in that elite category.

In addition to being a great technical specialist, she has that unusual gift of being encouraging and refreshingly honest all at once. Susan comes with my highest recommendation – if you want to take your singing to the next level, you need look no further.

Johann Ting–Brown

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