Susan Blair Vocal Coach


Susan has worked with me for nearly a year developing Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s singing voice and she has been an invaluable coach in every aspect. In lessons she is patient, has a calm, empathetic way of dealing with her clients and she has a natural ability to deal on both a musical and human emotional level.

Her presence in the studio is of great comfort to artist (and producer!) and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Together we have witnessed the growth of Tara as a singer and performer. Reliable, willing, professional, brilliant at her job – I would recommend Susan as my first port of call.

Michael Kintish

Songwriter/producer/artist, Sony ATV and Island Records

Susan has enabled me to reach notes I never dreamed I could reach and has brought my performance up to a much higher standard.  Most of all she is a friend I can trust and we have fun in our sessions!

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

Last year sometime I had to record a whole albums worth of rock lead vocals in just over a week. The problem was that in typical fashion the band had been lying low at the request of their label and so the singer was far from match fit! In fact, he started to loose his voice just a short while into the recording process. That’s where Susan was called in to work with him. They spent a couple of days just working on bringing his voice back, getting him up to speed again and then an hour or so warming up before each day’s recording.

The result? Astounding! What a transformation, Susan somehow managed to save my bacon and get some truly amazing performances out of the artist. Susan instilled immediate trust and understanding with him and she was able to get the best out of him in a short period of time. Thank you Susan!

Francesco Cameli

Studio manager/engineer, Sphere Studios

One of Susan’s Blair’s promises is that you will walk away from every lesson having learnt something.

I was staggered that, even after my first lesson, I had learnt some really valuable things that I was able to put into practise at live gigs, with immediate and marked positive effect.

I believe Susan teaches because she loves it, not because she is a singer who can teach the rudiments. She excels at assessing what a student needs very quickly and unlocks capabilities you didn’t know you had. She taps into and strengthens your range, quality of sound and emotion and teaches how to use it for maximum impact.

She combines a relaxed, pleasurable environment, with a lot of laughs, with vital “fitness training” for your voice and key ingredients every professional singer needs to differentiate themselves as a unique voice from “someone who can sing”.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have met Susan at a time where my professional career is starting to get quite exciting. Being taught by Susan is a revelation as she is anything but a “go through through the motions” kind of singer or teacher.

There are no certainties in the music industry but It is a privilege to learn from her – thank you Susan.

Progressing as a singer – like any kind of learning – takes a great deal of personal commitment and practice, but can be accelerated greatly with the guidance of a good teacher. I have had the privilege of working alongside some of the top vocal coaches in the UK, and Susan definitely belongs in that elite category. In addition to being a great technical specialist, she has that unusual gift of being encouraging and refreshingly honest all at once. Susan comes with my highest recommendation – if you want to take your singing to the next level, you need look no further.

Johann Ting – Brown

Music support act, Take That at the O2

I had had 4 different teachers in the span of a few years and could simply not find the right vocal coach for me until I met with Susan. With her I finally felt very comfortable and I found the motivation I needed. While letting go of my fears, I was improving my vocal skills and techniques and finding myself more and more confident in no time at all. Most importantly she has really listened to what my needs and goals were from day one encouraging me to find new ways and helping me reach my goals.

Thank you Susan, for being the best teacher I’ve ever had, for being a listener and a very sensitive and caring person. Without you I would have never made the leap from singing fearfully to singing firmly.

Kiara Bianco

Singer/songwriter , NYC/Italy

Susan is the best vocal teacher I ever had. She treated my voice like her own – she helped me discover the potential of my voice in a healthy manner, patiently analysed my voice based on my feedback and never failed to impart something new to me in every single lesson! A dedicated & highly qualified teacher, Susan was able to demonstrate every technique that she taught me and she helped me establish a connection in my vocal range that has contributed extensively in taking my Singing and Songwriting to a whole new level.

What’s more, I’ve found that I can even apply those techniques to my speech in Acting & TV presenting with a longer-lasting voice that never seems to tire out even after long hours of singing.

Janice Yap

Winner Best Solo Performance - Vocals, BOH Cameronian Arts Awards (Malaysia) & TV Presenter for 8TV (Malaysia)

I had had lessons with 5 different teachers, but it was when I met Susan that I really learned how to sing. She has a unique way of helping you develop your natural sound and finding the style that expresses your personality. And she does it in a professional yet very relaxed and fun way! Susan has helped me develop my technique and sing in a way that I didn’t think I could – I truly thank her for that!


Singer/musical events organizer

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